About our products

Yes, all braces include the anchor kits when applicable.

If you have any problems with the measurements, you can contact us by email info@tutoribalto.com attaching: measurements, breed, photos/videos and, if in possession, the Veterinarian’s report. The measures you can found in the table are purely for indicative purposes, if your pet is oversized, contact us to establish the most suitable solution for your specific case.
Before wearing the brace, please read the recommendations for use and the product instructions present on our website, we also always recommend viewing the dedicated video tutorial for correct application.

No, bracing is most effective when used in conjunction with surgery. This includes presurgical support, weight loss management, and in cases when surgery is not an option due to the health or age of the animal. Bracing also helps post-surgical by either limiting range of motion, or encouraging healthy joint movements, providing compression to help with pain and swelling, limits further risk, promotes healing, and provides confidence in mobility.

Keep the skin and hair that comes into contact with the brace clean and make sure to remove any excess hair from the brace (and Velcro) after each use.

Yes of course, for some products it is possible to have spare kits.

Wear & care for your brace

Allow up to two weeks for your pet to fully adjust to the brace.
In some cases it may take up to 2 weeks so to familiarize yourself with the brace wear it for 30 minutes the first time day and then add 30 minutes on the following days.
Wear the brace during sports and walks.
Consult your veterinarian for specific instructions on when, and for how long, your pet should wear the brace.
Remove the brace when your pet sleeps at night.
The brace should not be worn if your dog is unsupervised.

Prior to washing, take out the splints and remove any excess hair, dirt, etc. from the brace.
Carefully hand wash the brace with cold water and a neutral soap.
Allow the brace to fully air-dry before reapplying the brace to avoid irritation to your pet’s skin.

Excessive use, harsh cleaning, or accumulation of hair, dirt, etc. can wear down the materials of the brace.

DO NOT wash the product in the washing machine.
Wipe the brace clean after every use and remove excess hair, dirt, etc. from the brace.
Keep any skin or hair that encounters the brace clean.


Joyvet srl offers shipping of its Balto® Braces products internationally, except for countries with import restrictions and embargo policies.

It takes 1 day to process an order (orders placed over the weekend are shipped the following Monday). Once the product has been processed, shipping takes from 2/3 working days in Italy (+1 day for the islands) and from 3/4 working days for EU and EXTRA EU countries


You can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@tutoribalto.com or by calling +39 045 8619327.