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Butter and Bt Jump


Butter AND Bt Jump

Butter & Bt Jump: finally back the walks and smiles.
Because of a strong pain in the leg, caused by a torn ACL, he gave up what he loved most, and became very sad. But thanks to Bt Jump, Butter is back walking and is happy again!
Bt Jump, in fact, is the knee brace that helps our 4-legged friends with knee pathologies. It is also a valid alternative to surgery, as in Butter’s case.
Bt Jump is a Balto product: this means braces with the utmost attention to details and all the quality of Made in Italy, approved by vets.



Protector para la rodilla


Es una ayuda ortopédica estudiada para casos de problemas en el ligamento cruzado, luxación de la rótula y de enfermedades de la articulación como artritis, artrosis, varus y valgus.
El protector es óptimo también como alternativa válida a una intervención quirúrgica o como un soporte postoperatorio excelente.