That’s the way we are here at Joyvet: meticulous, experienced, with a wealth of know-how in orthopaedics, constantly up to date. And, especially, passionate about what we do. Because we like to see our four-legged friends playing, running and jumping, happy and healthy.

This is why, with experts and vets, we constantly develop high-performance orthopaedic braces, which we make here in Italy, controlling the entire production chain. These are aids that combine ergonomics, customisation and convenience, perfect for assisting in healing, by immobilising the area concerned without inhibiting movement.

Thanks to our experience here at Joyvet, we are convinced that our faithful four-legged companions deserve orthopaedic braces that will give them the best care with the greatest freedom.

All workmanship is carried out by hand, in compliance with the highest safety standards, from cutting of the semi-finished products to the tailored stitching on the braces.

Our staff is comprised of specialized personnel, always at the customer’s service to achieve the best possible results every day. Artisan craftsmanship, attention to detail, unique product features, made in Italy – these are the values we believe in.


The first phase of workmanship involves the creation of the ribs, small contoured metal strips used in the areas that offer support, locking and stability in the Linea Balto braces.
All the internal ribs on our braces are laser-cut in-house and then undergo a vibro finishing process that rounds and smooths the sharp edges of the laser-cut pieces.
The ribs are then dried using corn-cob granulates, entirely natural abrasive granules also used for sandblasting and abrasive finishing of surfaces.


At the same time, all of the semi-finished fabric pieces are prepared. First is the punching operation: an operator uses a die-cutting machine to cut the material to size and shape.


Then, specialized staff assemble the final product by hand-stitching and finishing each item.


The fastest way to health is here, in a range of latest-generation aids, the outcome of Joyvet’s long experience, designed to help our friends, both cats and dogs, enjoy a rapid, trouble-free convalescence.

These are products created for particular conditions, made with certified materials of the highest quality, breathable and yet impermeable, combining maximum protection and containment with the highest level of comfort. Comfort that allows the cat and dog to make natural, everyday movements, according to their own instincts, and helping them recover
without trauma. And convenience also for those who love them, because Balto products are easy to fit, even by those who are not expert.

With the Balto line, the revolution in veterinary orthopaedics. And our injured four-legged friends are already on the road to recovery.