Hock brace

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This brace is used in conditions that cause lesions in the region of the hock joint, with symptoms such as pain, lameness or diffi culty in moving.




Pain, lameness and neuromuscular difficulties are no longer an issue.
This brace is used in conditions that cause lesions in the region of the hock joint, with symptoms such as pain, lameness or diffi culty in moving. The brace can also be used without splints for conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis. This is because the compression it provides increases the blood pressure in the area of the hock, thus raising the temperature. This reduces the pain caused by the conditions.
Used also for protection purposes, it can contain plasters or bandages, with or without medication, in the case of surgical wounds or pressure sores. Also excellent after surgery.


A stabilising effect and reduction of the load: this is how the bt Hock brace helps ensure rapid recovery, avoiding any secondary damage. The action of the brace improves the work of the ligaments, reducing the level of pain; the reduced load alleviates the injured part, helping reduce discomfort and, in some cases, the swelling. And all this without preventing the dog from making its usual movements and ensuring excellent flexion and flexibility of the muscles, while the ligaments remain contracted.
The rigid splints are designed to block the dog’s limb at the height of the hock following surgery.

  • Breathable fabric.
  • Excellent wearability.
  • Hand washable.
  • The brace can be used in pre- and in post-surgery.
  • Rigid splints included into the brace.
Additional information

Additional information


XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL



Sizes – How to take measures

Available in five adjustable sizes:

Sizes Weight Breeds*
XXS 2-5 kg Chihuahua, Pomeranian
XS 5-8 kg Jack Russel , Shih Tzu
S 8-25 kg Border Collie, Poodle
M 25-35 kg Setter, English Pointer
L 35-50 kg German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler
XL Over 50 kg Saint Bernard, Great Dane, Newfoundland

*Attention the suggested breeds are purely indicative, to determine the size of the brace take the measurements of the weight as specified.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use


Recommendations for use
    • During the period of restraint, it is advisable not to leave the dog alone for too long, because it might try to remove the brace by biting or scratching it.


    • Caution: Direct contact between the splints and the skin means that the brace may cause reddening if the dog is taken out to play or run while wearing it. We recommend that this be prevented by placing some gauze or cotton wool between the splints and the skin.


    • Consult a veterinarian when using rigid splints.


    • Always remove the rigid splints before washing.


  • Do not leave the brace on for an extended period of time: the brace must be worn during the day, especially during physical activity, and it should be removed at night.
Video tutorial

Video tutorial